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Mock up Mobile Game work

Here is a small project I did creating some characters, creatures and weapons for a mobile game over the span of ~3 months between other work. It is a quest based resource gathering game with build-ables that is inspired by a Final Fantasy RPG Style. Set in a floating island that is somewhat like a New Zealand environment with roaming creatures you can gather resources from. Crystals, Runestones, Leather and tapestry set the mood and have a visual theme. Crystals are used to power up weapons, one way to gather the crystals is to sheer them from the backs of the crystalline tortoises. The main characters are an elfin heavy swords-woman and a orcish male monk spell-caster.

Faye fox teashahuntsman webandmobilegamesf1j
Faye fox logo
Faye fox weapons
Faye fox logonew
Faye fox huntsman mod2

Some rough exploration sketches of my mobile game. It's a resource collector, shop builder that you farm leather and crystals from the land and animals. There will be a shop and weapon builder as you fight through monsters to collect resources.

Animatic for an intro for the mobile game showing the mechanic of a crystal powering a weapon.