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Creature *in Progress*

Working on a creature design, Sculpted a concept in Z brush as well. This creature I am trying to create something that is like a stone golem/foo dog statue that has overgrowth on it like it has resurrected from the earth after being dormant for a long period of time. Brought to life with a magic ethereal power of a curse. It once protected an animal in the forest from a rampant mage, thus he cursed the creature with protecting a treasure from those who sought it.
“Hidden deep within the forest is a creature that has been around for several hundred years. It is at rest when alone, but on guard when awakened by intruders. If you don't push further, it will not pursue you oddly enough. It has been protecting a treasure sought by many.
As rumors say, the treasure may bring you a great deal of power and wealth. Although it blends in with it's environment, upon further inspection you see what lies beneath the greenery. “

Faye fox creature 1 final board 2